Two people who have influenced my life

Two people who have influenced my life, one is my beloved father, the other is my dear husband.

My father was born in the countryside, and my grandparents are standard, ordinary farmers. There are four fathers and brothers, and one aunt. As the eldest son, he was destined to continue to pay for that rich and poor family! My father has been able to bear hardships and stand hard since he was a child, and his academic performance has always been among the best. If it weren’t for being fastened by the hat of “landlord” and failing to go to college, I think my father’s life would certainly be in the next. My father, who graduated from high school, drove a tractor and worked as an electrician in the village. Later, he worked as a laboratory technician, workshop director and factory director in the agricultural machinery factory in the town. Later, he came to a joint venture in the District and served as the chairman of. Until now, he is a retired national civil servant and a municipal CPPCC member. My father is an ordinary rural man, without backstage, without others’ help and support, relying on persistent efforts and struggles, and noble personality charm, then I walked out of my own career and life!

I respect my father, and I will always remember the words he said: “Being a man can’t be satisfied, but I want to have a clear conscience! “Dad spent most of his life like this. He treated each other frankly and sincerely to relatives, friends and even strangers. Dad had never done anything sorry for his conscience. I think: in society, the reason why dad can be respected and loved by so many people is mainly because of his principle of doing things. He has never taught me anything, but teaching by example is better than speaking. His every move, word and action have influenced me imperceptibly. Thank you, Dad, for giving me a healthy body and a kind heart. This is my lifelong wealth and will accompany me all my life. I wish my dad good health and happiness in his later years!

My husband was born in the northeast and came to Shandong with his parents around ten years old. He is a demobilized soldier, handsome and smart. He was the backbone of literature and art in the Army. He once worked in Guangzhou and did a good job. Now I am a salesman of an enterprise. In my eyes, my husband can do everything, and the broken things at home will always be in his hands “returning to spring”. He can write poems, drive cars, and he is also a computer expert, his knowledge of computer was learned by himself without any teacher, and it was totally up to him to lie in front of the computer till midnight every day and study hard! I can’t do and admire my husband’s desire for knowledge and earnest study. I admire his perseverance and tenacity. I am a person who is content with the status quo, careless, and has no ambition and confidence. After getting acquainted with him, my husband taught me many things, including cooking and some computer knowledge. Under his painstaking instruction for many times and his angry rebuke with his face wide-eyed for many times, I finally learned to make fewer mentally retarded mistakes! Thank you, husband. It is you that make my life no longer dull, monotonous or boring, but full and colorful. Let me have sustenance and dependence. I hope we can love each other for a lifetime!

Thank my dad for teaching me how to be a person, and my husband for teaching me how to live!

A person who has been grateful all his life

I am grateful to my parents. They gave me life, brought me up, taught me how to walk, and told me the first sentence. They gave me a warm life, family affection is like a trickle stream without any sound, never making public, but eternal as before. Maybe they don’t have too many touching words to express their love, occasionally saying “slow down on the road, be careful,” it is enough to explain everything and move me. Family ties never need to be remembered deliberately, but they will never forget the power of family ties, that is to make people feel that they will never be isolated and helpless in this world. No matter where they go in the future, no matter what kind of experience they encounter, no matter whether they succeed or fail, they must remember that they have the eyes of family affection behind them, this sight contains the brilliance of the Sun, which gives people the warmth like spring.

Appreciate trusted friends. Friendship has a peculiar effect. If you tell a friend happiness, you will get two happiness. If you tell a friend your sorrow, you will lose half of your sorrow. It is not easy to meet friends who can be treated sincerely in one’s life, and even harder in this black and white chaotic interest Society, no matter how gorgeous the verses are, they can’t replace the intimate friendship. Therefore, if we want to get along well with him, everyone will feel frustrated and need to be cared, listen to the familiar voice, it will warm your heart. No matter how the world changes, don’t forget your friends. With this friendship, the originally monotonous life course will be rich and colorful.

I am grateful to the person who chose to stay with me for a lifetime, and I must thank him wholeheartedly for his love. Because of him, both parties understand what happiness is and what true love is. Modern Love is always inevitably impacted and tempted by the external environment, the life of love lies in a persistence in both parties’ hearts. Sometimes, people always ask each other whether they love themselves or not, and whether they will love forever. In fact, why do they have to ask for forever, who can answer how far is it forever? Maybe it is a moment of turning around, maybe it is a process from birth to death, maybe it can live together well and live a plain life, this itself is a kind of eternity, then cherish him, live a good life, heart is, love is, how much do you expect?

I am grateful to the person who once misunderstood me. It is he who makes himself know more about the worldly wisdom. This world is like this. People often misunderstand others. Sometimes, people can control others’ actions, but they can’t control other people’s thoughts and are misunderstood. Let it go. If the explanation is not clear, it is better to keep silent. Perhaps this is the most powerful counterattack against it, silence is sometimes a kind of answer. It’s good to be worthy of your heart. It doesn’t matter to sing a song to it. Go your own way and let others talk about it. On the other hand, being misunderstood can temper people’s mind and make people more and more mature.

I am grateful to those who once betrayed me. If I hadn’t betrayed myself at the beginning, maybe I still couldn’t see the world clearly today, and I wouldn’t know what life was like. Besides sweetness, there was bitterness, besides sunshine, there will be sudden storms and heavy rains. Sometimes it can also be a kind of motivation, which makes me know how to work hard and how to be strong, making me no longer cry and no longer shrink back when facing the wind and waves.

I am grateful to those who came and left my life in a hurry. Thank you for appearing in my life. The scenery on the road of life is more beautiful because of your embellishment, it also gave me a wonderful and wonderful memory. Even if you pass by, no matter how long or short the time is, you will write down a permanent period on the milestone of your life. At some time many years later, the breeze and drizzle will evoke the past in your heart again, you will find that life is colorful because of your arrival. Thank you very much for coming here, leaving a faint but unforgettable fragrant memory, which touches my heart, like a wonderful picture, and like the spring rain, it moistens my heart. Maybe it is another kind of happiness that I have experienced.

I am grateful to the person I once loved. It is he who makes me understand love better. Anyway, I wish him a happy and happy life with a smile. Forget spring when tree-lined together stroll, also forget winter window moon talk together. But when we began to meet and know each other, separation waved to us, and we really couldn’t forget you even if we didn’t want to forget. Therefore, everything could be the past, however, those growing moods in life are heavy and cannot be dispersed. They are destined to leave deep marks in the annual rings of years.

In this vast boundless big big world, they say a person with another person met possibility only one over ten million, become friends possibility about one in every 0.2 billion became a life-partner possibility about one in every 5 billion, what a rare opportunity! As people say, if you get it, I am lucky, but if you don’t, I will be grateful for my life. In this way, there will be less resentment and hatred, and more calmness and calmness, only when we face life with a grateful attitude can we find more beautiful things in this world. So I am grateful to those who have walked into my life, and also to those who have walked out of my life. I will regard all these as precious things in my life.

Thank you for giving me all kinds of feelings in my life. I have loved, hurt, laughed, cried, got it, lost, stupid, I had been crazy, looked forward to it, waited for it, and finally realized that this was the most real life. Therefore, it made the movement of life that had been played sound caddy and moving.

Giving up is also a kind of beauty

Many things are always understood after experience. Just like feelings, only when we feel painful can we know how to protect ourselves; Only when we are silly can we know how to insist and give up at the right time. We gradually know ourselves when we get and lose. In fact, life doesn’t need such meaningless persistence. If there is nothing, you really can’t give up. Life will be easier if you learn to give up.

Learn to give up, turn around and leave before crying, leaving a simple back; Learn to give up, Bury yesterday in the bottom of my heart, leaving the best memories; Learn to give up, let each other have a more relaxed start, and the love covered with black and blue may not be unforgettable. This journey had a profound relationship. It was not easy to reach today. I gently pulled out my hand and said goodbye. I really appreciate it. I have you all the way. I have said that I love you, but today, I still love you. Just, love you, but can’t be with you. Just as I love the fire of the wilderness, I love it, but I can’t bring it back. Every feeling is very beautiful, and every journey is also fascinating. It is the regrets we can’t have that make us feel more sentimental; It is the sleepless missing that makes us feel more nostalgic. Emotion is a questionnaire without answers, and hard pursuit cannot make life more complete. Maybe a little regret and a little sadness will make this answer sheet more meaningful and longer.

Pack up your mood and go on. If you miss the flower, you will reap the rain; If you miss her, I will meet you. Keep going, you will finally gain your own beauty.

A person who never wants to lose you may not be the one who loves you or loyal to you. Sometimes it is just this kind of strong possessiveness who is not clear-headed that they will do all kinds of things that “harm others but not benefit themselves”, which is taken for granted.

If there is the paranoid and possessiveness of “never lose once you own” in your heart, the more you want to obtain the permanent guarantee of love, the more you will deviate.

Anyone who likes a thing must get it. Sometimes, some people try their best and try their best to get what he likes. What’s more, they may go to extremes by hook or by crook. Maybe he got what he liked, but in the process of his chasing, what he lost couldn’t be counted, and the price he paid was what he got couldn’t make up. Maybe the price was heavy, and he didn’t find it until the end. In fact, if you like something, you don’t have to get it. Sometimes it is not worthwhile to make one’s body and mind exhausted in order to force one thing. Moreover, there are some things that “can only be seen from a distance but not from a close look”. Once you get it, you may find that it is not as good as imagined after a long time. If you find that what you lost and gave up is more precious, I think you will be annoyed. So there is also a saying that “what you can’t get is always the best.” So when you like something, getting it is not your wisest choice.

Anyone who likes a person must be with her. Sometimes, some people, in order to be with the people they like, do not hesitate to use the most primitive method of “one cry, two make three hang” to retain their lover. Maybe it keeps the person who loves her, but it can’t keep her heart. Even more, she lost her young and brilliant life for this, which might arouse her lover’s response, but it also brought her more guilt and self-accusation, there was also anxiety, from then on, happiness would wave goodbye to her. In fact, if you like someone, you don’t have to be with her. Although some people often say that “you don’t care about everlasting life, but only about having it”, not everyone will be happy. If you like one, the most important thing is to make her happy, because her joys and sorrows will affect your mood. So there is also a saying like this: “You are happy, so I am happy.”

If you like a thing, you must learn to appreciate it, cherish it and make it more precious.

If you like a person, you must make her happy, make her happy, and make that feeling more sincere. If you can’t do it, then you ‘d better let go! So sometimes, some people have to learn to give up, because giving up is also a kind of beauty.

Don’t let life have too many regrets

You can’t change the environment, but you can change yourself.

Because I am young, I will experience some things, such as love and friendship.
No one can live happily every day forever.
No one can face his own strength and weakness calmly.
What makes us mature is experience and hardship.
What makes us happy is tolerance and love.
What makes us feel at ease is understanding and trust.

You can’t change the fact, but you canChanging attitudes.

I don’t know why, there are some things that cannot be changed.
Perhaps, it is because we haven’t found a real dream yet.
Perhaps, we are still pursuing the perfection that will never exist.
Once upon a time, we had vanity, fantasy and struggle for narrow goals.
When I look back at all this, I feel that many things are light

You can’t change the past, but you can change the present.

Let the past pass, and it will go better in the future.
Only by abandoning unnecessary burdens can life be better.
Life is so short, why not live a good life.
There are too many things for you to do, and there are very important people waiting for you to cherish.
Don’t look back, the world ahead is more wonderful.

Because when I look back, I can point to the road full of pain and tears and say proudly loudly:
Look, this is my own way out

You can’t predict tomorrow, but you can grasp today.

“There is a fork in the forest. I would like to choose the road with few footprints, so that my life will be completely different.”
Keiding said such a thing.
If there are more people walking along the road, it will always be muddy and dusty.
Why don’t you walk in another way? Maybe everything will be another way.
Grasp your own today, then tomorrow will definitely be better.

You on lifeSmile, then life also smiles at you.

Let our hearts no longer be depressed, let it be free.
Let the free soul fly and welcome the gorgeous sunshine!
Let it soar between blue sky and white clouds……

A pack of cigarettes interpretation

Come ripped tin platinum.
Twenty cigarettes in the cigarette case are arranged neatly.
Ripped yourself.
I miss it but I can’t arrange it neatly.
Light a cigarette. Click the missing in your heart.
I ordered twenty reasons for missing you.
But I can’t find a reason to forget you……

First cigarette:
Swinging out of my lungs. I want it to float back to the day when I first met you.
Remember that important day……把你的名字写在烟上,吸进肺里

Second smoke:
Burn it out between my fingers……
I coagulation able to shut. Your first smile to me……

Third smoke:
If I am lonely. Because I am thinking of you

Fourth smoke:
Because I am continuing to miss a cigarette

The fifth smoke:
Mars is real. And your whole person.
But it can no longer be real in front of my eyes!

Sixth smoke:
I asked Feng to say I love you for me,
Will you hear it?

Seventh smoke:
Is it starting to blacken my lungs?
Just like your indifferent eyes always smokes my heart

Eighth smoke:
There is too much smoke around me
Or can’t you see clearly?

Ninth smoke:
If nine means permanent
Then I draw a big nine between your heart and mine
Can you stop in my world longer and longer……

Tenth smoke:
Who will count for me. This is the first few Ashes……

di shi yi smoke:
When I pop up.
I want to ask you. Is the splashing Mars still the same as at that time?
But. Where are you?

di shi er smoke:
I began to feel cold.
What about you?
Is it the same shaking.
Until your palm has the same cold as mine

di shi san smoke:
It scalded my coldness.

di shi si smoke:
I think of the courage to repeat one, two, three……
The remaining small cigarette
Can I smoke three more?

di shi wu smoke:
If you write words on these cigarettes
When these words become ashes
Am I in your heart?

di shi liu smoke:
I hope to put my hand into your pocket and hold it tightly……
Better Never separate

di shi qi smoke:
If one day, I am really gone
What would you do? Will you care a little about me

di shi ba smoke:
My eyes are always staring at you
Do you know why it is wet?

di shi jiu smoke:
Just the loose
Will I be as happy as before when you are gone?

di er shi smoke:
If you don’t like the smell of smoke, please forgive me for smoking again

When the last cigarette is finished.
Can I stop missing you?
I smoked more than twenty cigarettes on the day I left.
I think your reason is more than these twenty spark
But a pack of cigarettes. Only twenty root. I smoked 19 pieces.
You are not around. The next cigarette. When the next pack of cigarettes is lit.

Do I have any reason to miss you?
Did I turn around. Then you have to turn around……
So we should believe that the Earth is round
So we spend our whole life. To bet on an indistinct reunion next time……

Do you think of him/her again……

Life has progress and retreat, nothing can lose, mood

生活有进有退 输什么也不能输了心情1 Clean Heart

Many people like the feeling of a new look after the house is cleaned. Similarly, the feeling of haircut is also very good, because the extra things have been removed.

Children are happy because they don’t have too much worries or unnecessary worries. But adults are different. There are too many overstocking things, too much imagined complexity and some expanded grief in our lives.

People who use computers all know that recycle bin needs to be emptied frequently, otherwise it will take up too much space and affect the running speed of computers. So is the human mind. You can’t throw everything away, and you can’t keep everything. Smart people are those who are good at making trade-offs, and those who choose trade-offs timely. People who have too many worries can not walk fast, and people who have no worries at all are mostly lack of rationality.

And the difficulty of life is also here. You have to constantly clean and give up some things, because “the less things filled in life, the more potential you can develop”. I remember in a play, a man said to the protagonist, “Let’s go, don’t turn back, don’t come back if you can’t do well.” He meant to let him leave here, hoping not to let the past drag him down.

Cleaning the soul is a process of struggle and struggle. Life is a journey of waving hands constantly. Young people should say goodbye to hometown, sad people should say goodbye to sadness, Eagle should say goodbye to comfort, and happiness should say goodbye to sadness. Without farewell, there is no growth. To be strong, you must have the courage to turn around. Leaving is to get together better.

2 giving up is also a kind of tolerance

A person is like a country. Without tolerance, there is no growth. Among all the elements of success, mind is the first, or tolerance is the first.

Sometimes, giving up the words of attack, the impulse of anger and the desire of revenge is itself a kind of tolerance.

Smart people often give up explanation. In many people’s eyes, explanation is a cover-up. Li Ao said well: Sometimes explanations are unnecessary. Enemies don’t believe your explanations. Friends don’t need your explanations. There is no need to explain many things at all. Sometimes the weather is not sunny because the rain doesn’t go through, and it will be fine if it goes through.

Successful people should not be afraid of being scolded, because as long as you do things, you will make mistakes, touch some people and cause dissatisfaction. In fact, it is very good to have 50% of people approve of you. There are very few things in the world, and the more beautiful things are, the easier they are to break. We should exercise our ability to treat opposition correctly, and take the initiative to ask for opposition opinions bravely. Don’t complain about opponents. He can totally have his opinions. This is his freedom and has nothing to do with you. There is no need to try to argue with him, it is important to hurry.

3-time produce beauty

Almost everyone has their own sadness, so we are not surprised that some places that seem to be very important, such as hometown, alma mater, original unit, first love scene, however, it was not likely that many people went back enthusiastically, because there were too many stories in it and too much heaviness in place. Out-of-sight, out-of-mind.

And when everything can be seen, there is always no time to lose. Time has diluted the past, leaving only beautiful memories, memories of youth and growth, the memory of struggle, as well as the bright smile passing by and the warm candlelight in the lonely night. I attended and interviewed many school celebrations, and the most kindly white hair and tears of reunion after a long separation came into my eyes. Time can soften the hardest heart.

Social psychologists tell us that jealousy comes from similar industries and regions, and conflicts often come from the entanglement of interests. “All Creatures are exposed in the fierce struggle”, because all creatures tend to increase at a high rate. Under the condition of limited resources, survival struggle is inevitable. However, the most violent struggle almost always occurs among individuals of the same kind, because they live in the same region, need the same food and suffer the same threat. The easing of some tension needs time and distance. If you are far away, you will feel that it doesn’t matter, and then you will be relieved. Looking from a distance, many things are very beautiful.

Therefore, we don’t have to be depressed about the unsolved problems. The unsolved problems will disappear in the flood of time. Hostility, misunderstanding, contempt and contradiction all fade away with the passage of time, and time can make the sea change.

4-retire aesthetic

No matter how good the eyes are, you will be tired after looking at something for a long time. The physical strength, emotion and intelligence cycle of a person determine that a person cannot stay in the climax forever. In a life cycle, people will inevitably go to a low tide. One year is a life cycle.

“Timely and beautiful retreat is as important as beautiful attack. After assisting someone for a long time, even the lucky goddess will be tired “. What matters is not to win others’ applause when you are present, but to miss you when you leave.

The aesthetics of retreat is good start and good end. Its key is the timing and method of “end. It is more difficult to withdraw smoothly than to enter smoothly, because the top of the mountain is beautiful, because people are generally tired when going down the mountain.

“There is no moss on the Rolling Stone”. If you don’t go down this mountain, you can’t go up that mountain. One can climb countless mountains in one’s life. Every mountain is so unique, but no mountain is really worth your staying forever.

One of the factors affecting retirement is lust, and the other is excessive persistence. For the interests of life, no one should be too persistent. The so-called excessive persistence means not being paranoid on a certain aspect, a certain desire, an attempt, a certain purpose and a certain process. Any bigotry may make people lose the pertinent judgment, thus missing the beautiful scenery and delaying life.

5 You can’t lose anything if you lose

“You can’t lose anything because you give people a smile, because it will come back forever”. The product will come back as soon as it goes out. No one doesn’t like smiling.

But the problem is that things that make people smile are often not around, while things that make you fidgety and uneasy are always lingering. Being unable to be with the people and things you like is the root cause of many people’s unhappiness, because you have no source of happiness.

There was a time when I was very disappointed. The girl I liked didn’t care about me. The manuscript I carefully prepared was changed and changed, and my body also went wrong, I often come to visit me with cold, and my life is a mess. At this time, my good friend said to me, “You can’t lose anything. Let go of something”. I decided to change. I didn’t look for that girl any more. I immediately threw that article elsewhere. I also said goodbye to my lazy and irregular life and started playing ball and running every day. As a result, my body became bodybuilding. My manuscript was published soon and won the prize. The girl I no longer “cared” began to care about me……

There must be some reason why a person or thing can make you uncomfortable. Some reasons may not be known until a long time later, while some reasons will never be known, but these are not important. What matters is that it makes you uncomfortable. It will affect your mood, your judgment and your time.

What’s wrong with giving others a chance to know you again and a chance to know the wider world?

She said I am Angel

There was a time when I felt that everyone was taking advantage of me. I think all the people I decide to treat kindly have crossed the boundary. Therefore, even if I help others, I don’t feel happy at all, but have a feeling of being forced to deal. Moreover, there are still two contradictory thoughts in my heart. One is that I don’t know whether I do good things just because I know that good people should do good things, or I really take pleasure in helping others; The other is that if I do good things but don’t really feel happy, is the good thing I do meaningful? Will my bad attitude offset the good things I have done?

In our neighborhood, there lived some poor children who lived with their grandmother. In order to help them, I have spent a lot of time and money, but on the contrary, it increased their grandmother’s dependence on me, as if it was me rather than her who should be responsible for those children. This makes me feel very indignant. It was almost Christmas, and one day, I received a phone call from their grandmother. She unexpectedly put forward a request beyond my expectation, which I thought was extremely excessive. She told me that a girl she knew had nothing at Christmas and asked me if I could buy something for her.

Although this request made me angry, it also made me anxious. I have to admit that it takes a lot of courage to call a younger generation like me and ask me to help someone I don’t know at all. But it was her precious courage that made me unable to ignore this matter.

“Haven’t I done enough for her children? She also asked me to help others? Just like we are rich.” I complained in my heart.

A few days later, when I was shopping in the mall, I saw a gift box containing two dolls. The two dolls, one with black hair and the other with light yellow hair. I thought of that little girl. Therefore, I bought it, but I was not happy because I felt it was like a 15-dollar deal. I murmured and threw it into my shopping cart. When I got home, I wrapped it with wrapping paper. Before Christmas, I handed it to my grandmother, and I never heard the following. I doubted that girl had never got it at all, or the grandmother said that she gave it to that girl.

My guess is not groundless. When I was growing up, because I was not allowed to see my grandmother, she could only give the Christmas gift she bought for us to our grandmother, and then she handed it to us. However, my grandmother always changed the label and told us that it was the gift she bought for us. It was not until I grew up that I found out unexpectedly that my favorite doll in my childhood was given by my grandmother rather than my grandmother. But, well, I think, let it go. I’m too lazy to pursue it.

About a year and a half later, one day, I took my dog out for a walk and saw a seven-year-old girl playing in a yard.

When she saw me, she shouted, “I have seen that dog before!” I told her that we lived at the corner of the street. When I took it out for a walk, sometimes I would pass here. She came over, bent down and patted the dog. It suddenly occurred to me that she might know the children I knew who lived in the neighborhood. They told me more than once that they had a friend named Joan living in our neighborhood. I asked the little girl if she was Joan. “No, that’s my grandmother’s name.” She answered.

Hearing her answer, my heart moved slightly.

I asked her if she knew Aaron, Nick and Melini. She said she knew him. I began to feel curious. I wonder if she might be the little girl I don’t know who I bought toys. So, I asked her, “Did you get a Christmas gift box with a pair of dolls on Christmas the year before last?”

“Oh, yes, the name of light yellow hair is Lu Si, and the name of black hair is Derby. They are sleeping in the house now.” She answered.

“Was that the only gift you got that year?” I asked.

“I think I got some other gifts, but I don’t remember.” She said.

“Who gave you those two dolls?” I asked.

“Aaron’s grandmother.” She answered.

Aha! As expected, not as I expected…… That grandmother took all the honors as her own. In order to further confirm that my guess was correct, I continued to ask, “Did she say where they came from?”

The little girl answered proudly, “she said it was given to me by an Angel.”

Suddenly, I felt my throat was blocked by a hard lump.

Quiet and of life

Quiet and of life

I opened QQ space without hesitation, because it was unintentional, so I didn’t go to see it. Some netizens told me that several netizens had browsed my QQ space. My space has steep walls and four walls. Although it is deserted, it is quiet. I like the tranquility of having nothing.

In this materialistic world, it is not easy to find a peaceful environment. At midnight, he strolled in the garden of the community and couldn’t find Zhu Ziqing’s feeling that “this world seems to belong to me, and I went beyond my usual self to another world. Even among the mountains and rivers far away from the downtown, although there was no noise around, the heart still couldn’t restrain the restlessness. I don’t know whether I can’t be calm or the world doesn’t let me be calm.

Tranquility is precious. It will release its thoughts and travel in the boundless universe.

Tranquility is an interest, which makes you feel the beauty of life and the interest of nature. “The young girl of the Milky swallow talks, and there are high willows and cicadas. After a sudden rain, pearls were scattered everywhere, and the new Lotus was hit.” Although it is the scene that can only be seen and heard in the daytime, I enjoy a peace from God in my deep heart.

Tranquility is the instant freeze-frame, which gives you an unforgettable life.

It was a winter night, far away from the busy cabin, the north wind blew across the window and made the window sound. The desk was full of technical books, and I was thinking about the installation of the machine tomorrow in the dim light. It was very cold, and the charcoal fire at the feet was no longer flourishing. I felt cold on my body. A sound like a silver bell interrupted my meditation, “Do you need hot water to wash your feet?” As the question came to the ground, the arrogant body had entered the cabin. After I said “thank you”, I was still thinking about that technical problem. After adding charcoal to the brazier, she turned around and walked out of the room. After a while, she came in and put the hot water in front of me, gently telling me that the water was coming. I put my feet into the iron bucket, and the Brazier happily spit out the flame of the basket color, feeling very warm. The girl sitting opposite me was fiddling with the charcoal fire, which reflected her cheeks. She raised her head and smiled, with her face full of shyness, which was so red and pitiful. The moment she raised her head, it was always fixed in my memory and stored in my quiet file.

That quiet night had gone far away from me and never came back. Although there were regrets, I was satisfied.

In the morning, my colleague stood beside the window of the office with me, looking at the water-like traffic on the street. I asked my colleague, how many cars were there on the road? My colleague said countless things, I said, in my opinion, there are only two cars on the road. My colleague was surprised to ask, why is there only two sets? I answered with a smile, “the coming and going are all names, and the hustle and bustle are all profits. All these vehicles come for two words.” Colleagues silent. In fact, I am applied what Emperor Qianlong said to ministers when he watched the ships traveling in long rivers.

Yes, it is difficult for people to be quiet and indifferent to fame and wealth. A monk asked the eminent monk, “what level can a person become a Buddha?” The eminent monk answered, “you can eat when you are hungry, and sleep when you are sleepy.” That monks speechless. In order to survive, for wife and children, and for fame and wealth, ordinary people often have trouble sleeping and eating, which is the difference between people and Buddha. Becoming a Buddha can get eternal peace, while living people enjoy a moment of peace, unless they reach another world.

If people want to live and want to live better, they have to run in bloody shopping malls and get involved in intriguing officialdom. This is the helplessness of life, but also the detestable society.

I opened the space for many days. Although it was empty, it was quiet. Friends, when you are tired of running around for life, please drive the ship of life into the harbor of tranquility for a rest. Facing the vast land, pour out your surging songs, brush away the dust of your running, and wash your restless soul.

It is hard to find a peaceful place in the world, and modern technology provides us with a peaceful space. Let’s enjoy the peace outside the world together.

I AM wrote this article of quiet harbor in the quiet office, which can be regarded as guiding the way for friends who browse the space.

Written in Changsha during lunch break on April 9, 2008

I won’t light up when I miss you

Author: yoyo

When I miss you, I don’t light up. I am used to thinking about your face in the boundless darkness.

Because I am afraid that no matter how deep the love between you and me is, how real the smile is. In the end, it just passed away with fate, and there was nothing to stay.

So I kept reminding myself not to miss you too much for tomorrow. However, after leaving you, I found that your name had already filled my memory. As a result, countless feelings surged in my heart. I wrote it into a chapter of missing and read it to myself at such a time.

After all, there are too many wonderful stories in life, but people often wander on the edge of the story. Just like I can only miss you in the quiet night, I can only love you through the fence. My hope may never be mentioned, and my dream may never come true. All the days can only be blessed by the wind chimes in front of the window.

I know very well that being able to care about you so much will become the happiness in the center of my life and the pain on the tip of my heart.

In this way, when I miss you, I never light the light and miss you quietly in the boundless dark night.

Women should live a wonderful life!

In the world, only books can be used to protect both inside and outside. Books are the magic weapon for women to keep their charm. A woman who keeps pace with the times must be a woman who loves reading. She exudes charming elegant demeanour from inside to outside.

A woman should not only belong to the family. She should first belong to herself, then the family and the society. In this way, women’s life is the most perfect.

Family should never be a woman’s destination, but a woman’s gas station.

Women are auditory animals and like sweet words. Men are visual animals and like to fall in love with eyes. Any talkative man is easy to capture women. Only when you live a life can women find that speaking well is more comfortable than doing well.

If you love a man, a woman will think about it all the time. Looking at the sky, there is a shadow of her lover. Looking at the water, there is a reflection of her lover in the water. She imagined her lover as Prince Charming and an omnipotent hero. If a man falls in love with a woman, he will never give up the comparison in his eyes: This woman is more beautiful, and that woman is more beautiful. It is a man’s nature to go through every day.

Women always yearn for everlasting love naively, especially after lovers get married, they always think that men will make themselves happy forever. But there is no such thing in the world! The fastest changing thing in the world is the man in marriage. Women must have such mental preparation: men change, so do you. Only change is the eternal thing in this world.

Being a valuable woman is the eternal goal of a woman’s life. It will not forget about the temporary success. It is like a direction that guides women to move forward forever. Success can only be the symbol of a certain stage of life, while value covers the whole life of a person. Staying at a certain stage of success, people will soon feel bored and boring, while the pursuit of value makes people young forever.

The two most important periods in a woman’s life are adolescence and menopause. These are the two most important stages for women. One is to prepare for the blooming of flowers, and the other is to pave the way for withering. These two points are connected into a woman’s life. The eternal pain of a woman’s life lies in “flowers are separated from branches, and people are worried about the years.

All love in the world has a time limit, and everlasting love can only be an illusion. In the days when love is burning, let yourself fully burn, fully feel the beauty of love, and permanently freeze this beautiful period in the album of your life, in order to play for a long time in the future life. This is the only thing a woman can do in her life. Nothing in the world can keep love fresh.

A very important role of women in marriage is to educate their husbands and children. Whether a woman can be a good school depends on her comprehensive quality and management ability.

Most women do not have the beauty of falling geese in heavy rain. There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. Laziness is the biggest defect of women.

All women should be thankful that God has not given us everything we want. When a woman has everything, she loses the ability to feel happiness. For a person who loses the ability to feel happiness, life has no meaning for her. Whenever we are dissatisfied with life, this can be the best reason to comfort us.

Nothing is more important than a woman paying attention to her soul. Only the peace and peace of soul can feel the taste of happiness coming. Only with the enrichment and fullness of soul can we find the beauty and value of life. Paying attention to the soul should be more important than paying attention to the appearance in a woman’s whole life.

In marriage, women’s independence is conditional, especially how to grasp the balance relationship is a knowledge that women must master well. Being an independent woman who depends on men in some aspects can make the marriage move forward smoothly.

Marriage makes men and women into bound copies. In fact, the best marriage is that men and women should be independent of each other on the surface.

It is the dream in every woman’s heart to let wrinkles be late and youth not grow old, but it is a dream after all. The magic weapon to make youth not grow old is to make your mind younger.

Women, instead of complaining about life, they should live a wonderful life first.